"CHAPTER 1 - The Trumpets of Banska Štiavnica"

A result of photographers from different environments: (Finland,

Germany and Slovakia), most of whom had visited Banska Stiavnica for

the very first time, brought as its result a probe-like analysis

of the town´s perception, through a number of possible layers.

The international "visual dialog" between young artists from three countries.

Editors: Olja Triaska Stefanovic, Roman Bezjak, Annu Akanen

Txt.: Diana Majdakova / Transl.: Miroslav Pomichal / Desighn: Juraj Blasko

Production: Academy of Fine Arts and Desighn, Bratislava, Slovakia 2013

Language: English / Issues: 500 / ISBN 978-80-89259-72-4